Participatie in Diversiteit  - Education as powerful weapon to change the world -Nelson Mandela
PiDParticipatie in Diversiteit, the name of our foundation, means “participation in diversity”
PiD is a co-operation between several agencies and has been established by 5 independent trainer-consultants  who wanted to keep alive the knowledge and expertise about integration and participation of migrants in a time where migrant groups in the Netherlands seems to be marginilised again and hurt by changing policy priorities (the so called bankrupt of the  multicultural society) and budget cuts.

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Aims and objectives

Our mission is to stimulate and enhance social particpation of migrants by supporting activities on local as well as on national level and by exchange  in European projects. We do this by project management, consultancy and training.

Further on, the foundation has frequently contact with several migrant, refugee and asylseekers organizations and is supporting these organisations by organizing and tutoring  education and training, by consulting activities.
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Current activities

L2L4AR addresses learning to learn abilities of adult returners to learning. Adult returners group is characterized by lower secondary education, lack of L2L skills, of flexibility to address the challenges of globalization, of self-confidence and motivation, of guidance systems, of ”second chances” offered by society, possibility of working only in unskilled positions, of attitude in active participation, few possibilities to continue their studies.

PiD is working together with Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, Stephansstift Zentrum für Erwachsenenbildung, Stitelsen Litorina Folkshogskoa I Karlskrona, Eesti Vabaharidusliit, ARACNE associazione di promozione sociale  and EPRALIMA Escola Professional do Alto Lima. Each partner will make a review of the apprehension of L2L competence in the area of adult learning in its country: analysis of strategic documents, review of instruments of evaluation and survey among adult teachers and learners. Both groups will be involved in making surveys and presentations of national reviews in partner meetings. Each partner will organise 2 meetings of interest groups. For the development of L2L-subcompetences each partner will organise 2 laboratories. Totally 205 learners will be included in the activities of the project.

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PiD offers at request a financial management course for migrant- and aslylseekers organisations, because they easily got in troubles with in asnwering the rules of public money.

PiD offere alsoat request a neighborhod participation academy  which  result in a certificate for participation coach responsibile for intercultural communication and the qualtiy of the living environment.
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